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Crypto Treasuries

A carefully curated list of public and private companies that hold bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on their balance sheets. (not including ETFs and AUMs)

Total # of Bitcoin

₿ 325,013

Total # of Companies


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  • (*) = undisclosed/not enough data
  • (⛏) = mined

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We strive to give our website viewers information that is as accurate as possible.


We leave certain table data blank simply because it's either the company didn't disclose enough information concerning their holdings, or that we don't have enough data to make calculations and approximations.


We only include companies that are confirmed to have holdings in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Excluding rumors, very old data, and cryptocurrencies that are owned by users, but are only held by companies (e.g. most exchanges).

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